Calhoun County Consolidated

Dispatch Authority


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2012 Budget

CCCDA presents to you a budget proposal for fiscal year 2012.


First, we’d like to reflect on this year as it has been and continues to be an exceptional good year for CCCDA.  Despite a small decrease in local surcharge revenues, a thorough examination of outstanding contracts with Motorola (preceding CCCDA’s existence) resulted in a refund of approximately $193,000 (unexpected revenue).


Efficiencies in operations and the unexpected revenues above resulted in a 2011 budget amendment at the November Governing Board of Directors Meeting to submit payment in full to the City of Battle Creek for CCCDA’s Consolidation Project Loan.  This allows CCCDA to pay-off the 4% interest bearing loan three and a half years ahead of schedule; saving approximately $34,300 in interest and relieving itself from the annual debt service burden (principal and interest).  


In addition, the County has implemented a new financial system which will allow additional administrative services to be streamlined.  CCCDA staff will be responsible for entering invoices into accounts payable for payment, entering payroll/timesheet information, and making corrections/changes to human resource information via the employee portal.  All of these services were being conducted by Calhoun County Staff under the Administrative Services Agreement.  CCCDA will be meeting with Calhoun County in the forthcoming weeks to evaluate the costs associated to the Administrative Services Agreement. 


All of these things considered, CCCDA proposes an operational budget that has reduced expenditures and reduced dispatch service charge revenues while still maintaining an anticipated operational surplus of $198,725.    


The highlight of this proposal is that it reduces municipality/agency dispatch service charges (for those agencies/municipalities contributing additional general funds) by 9% for calendar year 2012.  This will result in net savings for the municipalities/agencies totaling $230,910.


CCCDA encourages public and governemntal unit feedback regarding this budget proposal.  You can submit your comments electronically/via email to  or by attending the public hearing set for December 13th at 3:00 p.m. in the Law Library Conference Room.